giovedì 16 ottobre 2014

Our first school day

This morning is the first day of school and  we are very excited because there are two new children.
This year in the our school  we have  two new friends: Liù and Numi.
In our classroom we found some pictures with the people of the
earth to colour and decorate with fantastic glitter pens and
some stikers of animals.
Today we made a game called "Find the tresur"e.
Is a beautiful day.

Luana, Sara, Gabriele, classe V

martedì 18 marzo 2014


The Euro School “Borgo Antico” is a small mountain school in Monte Santa Maria Tiberina,  Umbria (Italy).   

In our primary school there are twenty-three students: five in the first class, five in the second, two in the third, eight in the fourth and three in the fifth.In our kindergarten and pre-primary school there are twenty children.

There are sevent teachers: Giuseppina (italian language, art, religion), Lauretta (Maths, science, history, geography, music) , Stefania (English language, TIC, physical education, science, history, geography), Angela (pre-primary), Emanuela (pre-primary), Ilaria (religion), Anthony (music).

The scolastic timetable is from 08:30 to 16:30 from monday to friday.

The most beautiful things of our school are the laboratory-activities: archeo-cooking, creation of  nativity scene with things of our woods, physical education CLIL, ecc. 

(Ilaria e Nicole, 5th class)


Our "Friendship Nativity" made with materials of our territory

Physical Education with CLIL Methodology

Horse Exhibition
Pope Francesco, General Udience

Halloween Laboratories
Levander processing in our garden

Part of our medieval stand for  traditional "Autumn festival"
"Dario Fo exhibition", Bourbon Castle, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina
Around our country: the amazing Monte Santa Maria Tiberina!

Around our country
The letters for our pen pals
San Martino lanterns - laboratory
Our collages for the first step of our eTwinning project: "Home sweet home"

The Autumn Dance