venerdì 26 gennaio 2018

Archeo Fab Lab: our creative Atelier

Our original trip in the past

The “Archeo Fab Lab” project connect prehistory with the digital era.
Archeo Fab Lab: our creative Atelier

We are working on this project since 2015 three years in which we follow the traces of the Neolitic Age. We were able to build various objects that primitive men use daily.

Objects from the primitive era
We made pots with clay, flint weapons and other objects.
The most interesting work for us was weaving with the loom.
The loom and our new hut
We created belts made of wool.
With this project last year we won an European competition and money.
So we realized our dream of buying the 3D printer, how wonderful our work was!!!
This work is wonderful and every time it’s more exciting.

By Eva, classe V

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